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Grace Center Guest House
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Grace Center Guest House

Grace Center Guest House

Grace Training and Conference Center
  • Grace Center is now open and operational.  We now have a place where we can accommodate teams from the U.S., and hold conferences for our Haitian workers, and provide vocational training.
  • Current cost is $45 per person per night and that includes breakfast and supper.
  • Grace Center operates as a guest house for traveling missionaries, mission teams and others.
  • We can accommodate up to about 25 people, in rooms with private baths, a dining facility, living room type area, administrator apartment, large classroom space, and has electric power 24/7- a luxury in Haiti, as well as WIFI.
  • Some special dietary needs can be accommodated at Grace Center, but remember this is Haiti.  If you have special dietary needs, please let our management know as soon as possible, prior to your trip to Haiti, and remember there are still some limitations on what we can provide.
  • Grace Center is located just off of National #1, just north of Bon Repos
  • GPS Coordinates are: 18 38'17.34 N, 72 16'41.92 W

Grace Center Contact:

U.S. Phone: US 561-791-7686 or 561-596-5936
Haiti Phone: 011-509-3839-9460
Grace Center Email:


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